Terms and conditions of sale

1. All Pricing quoted is subject to change due to price fluctuations of raw materials.
2. Pricing to be confirmed on placement of order. This quote is valid for 7 Days.
3. Full payment is required prior to commencement of any work. No refunds under any circumstances.
4. TABLES TO ORDER use oil products to seal our furniture.
5. Prices EXCLUDES DELIVERY FEE, handles and paint.
6. All details of the item must be specified by the client on Order Form.
7. Order Form will be binding as contract and will override any verbal agreements.
8. Failure to view before delivery will be at customers own risk. 
9. Timber thicknesses quoted is raw timber thickness. 
10. All Timber is sourced from reputable suppliers and has been dried to the correct moisture content for use in furniture manufacturing. Wood is a natural product and therefore is subject to movement, cracking warping and weathering due to changes in weather. Tables To Order will not be held responsible for natural changes in timber as this is beyond our control. Care and Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner. Care and Maintenance details are available at www.tablestoorder.co.za
12. I have read and understand the above terms and conditions.
13. I agree that all the above information has been checked and verified by myself.